Tribute to JB Ivey at Lake Junaluska

Lake Junaluska, Local Painting, Oil Paintings

Dahlias-Tribute to JB Ivey at Lake Junaluska

My home at Lake Junaluska is the area where JB Ivey had his large dahlia garden. He traveled far to get interesting and unusual types of dahlias for his garden. A known story that he would bring fresh cut dahlias to his clothing store in Asheville. Who ever bought a dress received a complimentary dahlia.


Oil Paintings



A gift in honor of James and Barbara Dooley,

director and piano accompanist

for the WCU Community Chorus

Sunday April 5th, 2020

Early days at Lake Junaluska

Lake Junaluska c.1918, Local Painting, Oil Paintings

The name “Junaluska” honors Chief Junaluska of the Cherokee Indians of WNC. He was among those who walked “The Trail of Tears” west to Oklahoma in 1838 but slipped back to be with the remaining Cherokee members. He hid in the Great Smokey mountains, as their chief, til his death. The tallest mountain and the lake were named after him. It is now called Eagles Nest North.
After damming up Richland Creek, a tributary of the Pigeon River, Lake Junaluska was born. The Missionary Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South celebrated it’s birth on June 25, 1913 with 4000 attendees convening in the new open air auditorium. The lake was not yet filled at this time but 13 homes were built starting in 1913. Lake Junaluska is now and continues to be a place of healing and spiritual growth.

Lake Junaluska c.1918
oil on canvas 12×24