Artists, poets and writers of Eastern philosophy have made an enormous impact on my daily life, and this journey of self opening expression continues on paper and canvas. I love simplicity, color and a mystery to each art piece. Just getting the essence of and engaging the viewer and myself is, I see, the on going quality in which we are captured. Subtle as it can be but nevertheless powerful.

It started late 2010 using Chinese brushes on rice paper. The quality and energy of the brush stroke is seen as reflecting my inner most vitality, often times referred as Ch’I or vital energy. Then the “white space” is much an integral part as each stroke of paint. The pleasure of this kind of painting is not in the finished product but lies in the presence of mind needed for each and every brush stroke.

This same focus and intent has been in other mediums like pastels, charcoal and rich oils on canvas. Ongoing travel and living in France for extended periods of time has given me a thirst for and drive to learn and study from the masters. I am fascinated and love the period of impressionism. It is the daily life, passionate friends, good food that color and feed my spirit thus evolving my self to a higher place. What a delightful way of being and I feel humbled every time I step into the studio.

My artistic journey is all self-taught since 2010 …an opening and expression of possibility of what life has to offer to each and every one of us!