Silk Tree Blush

Evening Tea...always

Evening Tea…always

Silk Tree Blush

Steeping porcelain, the palms tight

giving into a Silk Tree blush

The awakened scent of trueness

at the bottom of my cup.

The two Chinese characters applied to “silk tree” means “joining as one

as the leaflets close together in pairs at night.

Wisteria I

Wisteria I

My Ink Brush Talks


Cool summer air clears my room, the high night sky

darkens and I leave the days’ storm at my feet.

My ink brush quick, light draws the words out

oh, fireflies your heart burns bright

I will follow your evening light all the way up the mountain.

A Morning of Bamboo…


Each morning a renewal

The mists rise at my bamboo feet
creating, needed strength
and a supple softness
when wayward winds blow.



A Winter to Rejoice


                                    … to dance and sing with

                  One-thousand silver snowflakes, a small delight

                                    One-thousand crane blessings,

                                                 … what luck!


  • “Winter Blessings”

…all the little moments


Early Orchid

a soulful thanks for all the little moments

         the soul of little moments…omnipresent, all giving
thank the everyday bird song
“love you,love you,love you”

                                                 ~ h.



The magic of summer evenings is in seeing fireflies…an up and coming painting project in oil and the use of gold leaf.