…deepest France

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Amongst Fields...deepest France

Amongst Fields…deepest France

Stay with me, rest yourself gently

amongst field grasses wide

the mother’s call to her earthen children

…a healing joy,


awaits your presence


Lascaux Caves

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The early paintings of the Lascaux Caves in southwest France are symbols of immense sacredness. Therein live the 17,0000 year old souls of man and beast, as breath taking and fresh as if it were painted today. Feel honored to be in such presence.

En peu de souvenir et hommage

Forging Waters, triptych

Forging Waters, triptych

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Excellant video & history of the Lascaux Caves in France:


Another chapter unfolds…

Oil Paintings, Travel in France

Genis, the village near-by, amongst soft hills, quiet contemplative talk in the cafe and meditative walks in the fields will be an immersion of an insurmountable depth of history, language and culture…anticipating this as a gift coming into my life.


Genis en France 20 x 24Genis en France