Another chapter unfolds…

Oil Paintings, Travel in France

Genis, the village near-by, amongst soft hills, quiet contemplative talk in the cafe and meditative walks in the fields will be an immersion of an insurmountable depth of history, language and culture…anticipating this as a gift coming into my life.


Genis en France 20 x 24Genis en France



Deux tetes ange


                                                                                                    Deux tetes ange

Silk Tree Blush

Evening Tea...always

Evening Tea…always

Silk Tree Blush

Steeping porcelain, the palms tight

giving into a Silk Tree blush

The awakened scent of trueness

at the bottom of my cup.

The two Chinese characters applied to “silk tree” means “joining as one

as the leaflets close together in pairs at night.

My Ink Brush Talks

Brush Paintings, Poetry
Wisteria I

Wisteria I

My Ink Brush Talks

Cool summer air clears my room, the high night sky

darkens and I leave the days’ storm at my feet.

My ink brush quick, light draws the words out

oh, fireflies your heart burns bright

I will follow your evening light all the way up the mountain.